Chatto Center for Natural Hair + Skin, Chicago’s Premier Eco-Friendly Salon, where a commitment to great hair and skin services along with nature collide.

As a full service Eco-Friendly Salon, free of chemicals, we are committed in providing the highest quality of service using our own natural + organic products in a comfortable atmosphere that benefits both you and the environment which we live.

We believe each individual has their own personal style. Our mission is to cater to each individual and enhance their personal style naturally, through our vast selection of services for all hair and skin types.

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"I have been to this salon once, but I had been using her hair care products off of her website for a while bc I had been looking for an all natural hair care product for my hair that did not have loads of petroleum and other questionable products. First, her hair care products are first rate, i have been using them for a while and my hair seems stronger, softer, and has a lot of moisture, which is a never ending problem when you're starting dreads."

- --Lamont P. via Yelp

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